Welcome To Javeri Designs

We started Javeri Designs with the primary intention of helping our elder son, Aryan learn life skills.

When Aryan was 2 years old, we noticed he had speech delay, poor eye contact, lacked social skills and refused to play with other children. Like all parents, we thought and hoped that this was a passing phase and he would soon overcome this phase.

Time passed by and as worried parents, we sought medical help – Aryan was diagnosed with autism. At the time, we did not know what autism was or how it would affect our lives. Today, after 12 years, having gone through all the trials that parents of children with autism go through – endless visits to therapists, temper tantrums, communication difficulties, lack of social interaction for the whole family, has only helped us to become stronger and determined to help Aryan and children with autism.

Today, Aryan attends Eden School (www.edenschool.edu.sg), a vocational school of choice for students with autism and is loved by all his hardworking teachers. The tantrums have reduced and communication skills have improved.

When Aryan was small, he loved to play with beads of different colors and sort them out. One day, Javeri, (Aryan’s Mummy) joined some pieces of beads together to create a necklace and the idea of Javeri Designs was born. With the support and encouragement of friends and neighbors who loved the initial designs, we thought of opening an online store to show all of Javeri’s designs.

All beads are selected and purchased by Javeri from various countries and each piece of jewelry is designed and hand-crafted by her. The initial idea has become a passion today thanks to all our friends for all their encouragement.

Each jewelry piece is packed by Aryan.  The packing activity helps Aryan to relax and calm down.  This also teaches him packaging skills for possible later use in life.  
All designs and color combinations can be configured as per your requirements and matched to your outfits.  At the moment, as we have just started, we do not yet support online payments or credit cards but this will be added soon. We ship within Singapore, but if required, can ship outside of Singapore too.

Please support us if you like the products and help to spread the word about Javeri Designs around.